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Nicole lost her childhood to the foster care system. She writes, "After 33 foster homes, four group homes, and three treatment facilities (to try to help me recover from severe abuse), I aged out of the system. Completely alone."

Two years ago, Nicole saw the cycle continue when the county placed her daughters into foster care. The reason? Nicole was drinking too much, unable to be the mom her girls needed--and wanted. 

Her daughters asked to be adopted by their foster family, and Nicole surrendered her parental rights. 

But before it was too late, Nicole regained her parental rights and her daughters moved to a transitional home, welcoming Nicole to reconnect with her daughters and practice the daily skills of hands-on motherhood. 

Nicole, in glasses, with Meghan, who fostered Nicole’s daughters

Nicole, in glasses, with Meghan, who fostered Nicole’s daughters

Meghan, who served as foster mom for Nicole's daughters, writes, "I cannot overstate the incredible person Nicole is. Nicole has been reunited with her daughters for two years. She makes the daily choice of practicing authenticity, self-compassion, courage, and gratitude. I love staying in touch with her family and seeing how her example shapes her daughters' futures. Nicole works hard for healing in her family. 

She's determined her daughters won't live the same story she did as a child."

This February, Nicole started experiencing severe abdomen pain. It took several months for doctors to correctly diagnose the problem (a kidney tumor). 

Meanwhile, Nicole missed many days of work due to the physical pain. 

Now it's our turn to help her stay afloat.

A warrior through undiagnosed pain, cancer, and two surgeries, Nicole has finally recovered enough to resume her normal work schedule. 

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Nicole feels deeply thankful that through this health scare, she has experienced an immense amount of grace and generosity, now including the Foster Together community!

As a former foster youth, and a reunified mother, Nicole freely shares her story with foster parents. She's humbled that her life experiences could help children in foster care today. 

Let’s share the burden with Nicole!

Our goal? To raise $450 to cover a car payment and a special outfit for Nicole’s daughter to wear for senior photos. 

Your donation is tax-deductible. Foster Together will pay the car payment directly. Any excess funds will go toward Nicole's daughters' needs.