We want more good people to pay attention to kids in foster care.




WE GET IT: Most people want to help kids in foster care, but don’t know how. Your program doesn't have time to manage volunteers.

WE CAN HELP: Our meal delivery program is the simplest way for community members to support local kids & relieve your staff.

For less than the cost of hiring a retention specialist for two months, we will customize our meal-delivery program (including volunteer training portal) to your needs, train and support you in each step. 

You will:

- Utilize volunteers who "want to foster, but can't" to retain your current homes

- Offer a "first look" and gateway into the world of foster care 

- Empower foster parents to manage their volunteer relationship, with minimal staff time



WE GET IT: Storytelling is the new advertising. But with so many messages competing for views (and staff busy with casework), it's exhausting to try to grab the attention of the future foster parents and volunteers you need.

WE CAN HELP: We make the advertising process fun, so you can spend your time helping kids. 

COLORADO PARTNERS: As a monthly nonprofit partner, we'll strategize with you on the best way to highlight your program to Foster Together's audience. Business sponsorship also available.

CUSTOM STORYTELLING (not restricted to Colorado): If you need more intense advertising than a monthly partner, let's create a storytelling plan customized to your program (recruiting volunteers, foster parents, etc).



    WE GET IT: Your program idea keeps kids safe and families together, but with your focus divided, you need fresh brainpower and outside perspective to make it happen.
    WE CAN HELP: Let us kickstart (or reset) your program. We'll turn our experience as foster parents into energy and clear progress for your program goals.

    We blend our specialties of people-first project management and story-based marketing, to help you do the most important thing in the world: take care of the kids.

    Like you, we:

    • want to do it right the first time (instead of dealing with unhappy foster parents five years too late)
    • hate wasting time or money
    • love collaboration, common sense, and leveraging existing programs to help yours
    • constantly improve programs by listening to all those who've lived through foster care


    We're just looking for the right team members to fund these three dream projects so we can do it with the excellence the kids deserve. 

    DREAM PROJECT #1: A dynamic, active database of the don't-miss-this advice and resources for foster parents. 

    • Need to attend a free training in your area with childcare provided?
    • Need to find a quality, Medicaid-friendly therapist or physician for your child's specific challenge?
    • Need to get a straight answer on what child care centers offer discounts or accept CCAP?
    • Need to understand how you can get the attention of the department when you see big problems being ignored in a case?

    We believe it takes a village. We believe kids are better off when parents have good people around to help. We believe that Coloradans want to help, they just haven't found their perfect fit. We believe that these three avenues are the most efficient way to make this happen.

    DREAM PROJECT #2: Expanding our family matching program to employ former foster youth, or parents affected by the child welfare system, in training and supporting family helpers. 

    DREAM PROJECT #3: Becoming the #1 curator of foster parent culture in the US, using photography, interactive education, storytelling, brand partnerships, and mass media to make helping kids as mainstream as sporting events and shopping.


    As foster parents, we've seen that a good neighbor can solve almost any "problem" in foster care. We specialize in inviting the "average person" into the lives of neighbors who need them most: kids and families in foster care. We dream of creating more "good neighbors" by inviting them into the storytelling and simple actions in foster care.