When we launched, there was not a statewide option for matching willing volunteers with foster families who just needed something simple--a friend. After completing our online training (why foster families need support, how to interact with the family and kids, abuse prevention and reporting) our neighbors are matched with a foster family within 10 miles of their home. They start with the simple commitment of dropping off one meal a month. From there, they build their own relationship with the family and are welcome to customize their commitment to the family's needs and their own time/skill availability.

Our current team of small and mighty monthly donors has helped us match 30 foster families in just eight months (sponsor a new match here). But we are ready to offer this service more comprehensively, and are accepting inquiries about customizing this program for counties and agencies around the US. Inquire here. 

Foster parents may apply for a neighbor-helper here, but please be advised that we are currently fundraising to expand this program.

Neighbors may apply here.

Want to co-sponsor a new launch for your local foster care program? We welcome private donors, churches, and other community groups to help us launch in collaboration with local foster care agencies and counties.

Feature 1

[photo] PROFESSIONALS want to support foster parents and utilize volunteers, but their days are already jam-packed with casework. 

Feature 2

[photo] WILLING HELPERS want to personally help kids, but don't have time to be foster parents. We offer the most convenient, highest impact, way to help. 

Feature 3

[photo] FOSTER PARENTS need support to provide quality, healing parenting, but worry about burning out their friends with requests for help.