Hey nonprofit friends. Ready to join forces?

Start your monthly membership below. Starting at $20 month, we'll shout-out your work 6x a year. For an extra $100 (one time) we will create a unique one-week push to recruit volunteers for you.

You'll never find us pretending we can provide all the support Colorado's kids in foster care need. No way. There's tons of work to do, and, frankly we're relieved you're doing your thing. 

For too long, the nonprofit world has been competing for donors. Competing for volunteers. Competing for time in the spotlight. But what if we all admitted that one child welfare program can't fix everything, and we need to collaborate, instead of compete (without losing our edge or excellence, of course).

    Foster Together Colorado specializes in storytelling--on our podcast, social media accounts, email blasts, and websites--highlighting exciting projects and excellent families around the state.

    As a monthly partner, your program (nonprofit, CPA, or county) will get the bi-monthly shout-out of your choosing.

    Since launching in 2017, we've:

    • Recruited camp counselors for Camp to Belong, where siblings separated in foster care can spend the week together
    • Recruited CASA volunteers for kids who need a caring adult to focus on their best interest in the courtroom
    • Recruited meal volunteers, babysitters, and overnight respite care providers for foster families who are at risk of burnout
    • Recruited foster parents, taking them from "I've been thinking about this" to "Thanks for taking the fear out of getting licensed!" (a sometimes daunting process)

    We are also happy to talk about joining you in the following ways:

    • Podcast - invite us to your podcast
    • Blog - invite us to guest blog
    • Earned media - invite us to talk/write for your listeners/readers
    • Speaking engagements - invite us to your event