Kate and Adam did not plan to have kids. But, Kate says, "I became a mom at age 29. and our baby came to us at 16 years old."

On today's episode, we talk about:

How they met A (their daughter--not by adoption, but by A's choice in claiming that identity)

  • What prepped Kate and Adam know how to navigate the system
  • What the system could do to make it easier for foster parents to get trained, without compromising safety (their libertarian personal life philosophy comes out strong and proud here!)

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The family's first Christmas photo together. Click too see more in Instagram.

The family's first Christmas photo together. Click too see more in Instagram.

UPDATE: Episode two, released the week after Adam's tragic and unexpected death, is live here. 

If you're interested in being a CASA for a kid, Denver CASA (the org Kate worked with) is looking for advocates. If you're not in Denver, most parts of Colorado have a chapter for you to volunteer with. Click here for the list

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Adam loves to take A rock climbing. Click too see more in Instagram.

Adam loves to take A rock climbing. Click too see more in Instagram.

A few quotes worth sharing:
"You watch people who you think are doing the absolute most that they can. And then they do more." -Adam

"We were looking for a volunteer opportunity that let us get more deeply and meaningfully involved. Something that asked more than us of just giving up one Saturday a month." -Adam

"There are some trainings that, at the risk of sounding like a complete snob, drive me crazy." -Kate

"The way we talk about things is what normalizes and sets our standard for our society. What if we normalized talking about foster care as often as we talk about Amazon Prime day, or travel tips, or where to get our nails done?" -Hope, Founding Foster Mom

In case you missed it, Kate is taking over our Instagram this week and next, and posted a few memories from her first year with A (see more here): 

Month one: Turning 30 doesn't make me feel old, but living with a teenager sure does. She's recently asked me if I've heard of such old school things as "Power Rangers," and "Nokia." Life is great.

Month Two: Confirmed: Hot Topic is still a thing. Very much still a thing.

Month Three: Spent five hours at the county office today learning infant and small child CPR and first aid even though A is 17. Oh and by the way, our instructor, who has a Mohawk and chipped black finger nail polish, is also a DJ available for your next big event!

Month Four: When you break up your kid’s sleepover at 11 PM and throw out all of her friends because it smells like weed and no one wants to fess up to getting high in the bathroom. And then everyone leaves and your kid apologizes to you for disrespecting the only two rules in your house: no drugs, and no lies, and says she isn’t even mad at you. #parentingwin #willieversleepagain

Month Five: A to her physical therapist: "My hip is really hurting me but I don't know if it's related to my knee injury or because I watched Netflix for 18 hours yesterday." Physical Therapist: "Well, that's more laying around than I'd recommend."

See more funny and real quips from Kate here. 

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