The first time I heard from Justin, I was surprised. Usually, almost always, it's the foster moms who get in touch with me. As we started talking and strategizing (Justin and his wife Megan have lots of ideas on how to stop the cycles of child abuse) I realized that we need to be purposeful in sharing the mic with the dads involved in foster care. In so many cases, they are half of the parenting equation, and like all of us, dads benefit from seeing mirrors of themselves. We all do best when we can look up to someone in the work or lifestyle we aspire to, or when we can talk with someone who can relate to the details of our lives that the wider culture does not understand. They have energy and ideas to add to this fight for healthy, happy childhoods, and we should hear from them more often.

Justin and Megan agreed to this episode as we launch a month of stories, podcasts, and gift-giving focused on dads in foster care. 

As you listen to their story, consider gifting a dad you love with our unique Father's Day sponsorship: a month or year of foster family support--to keep the foster dads (and moms) encouraged in their worthy, challenging work of raising good humans. Click here for details.

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Foster agency: On their second case (in which they were far more supported and informed), Justin and Megan certified through Courage Community Foster Care. Email Kerri (kerrih (at) if you're interested in fostering through an agency with unparalleled quality of service, for both kids and foster families. NOTE: Kerri also runs Foster Family Assist, and is currently fundraising to send four Colorado kids to summer day camp while the foster parents are at work. Contribute here.

Supply closet: Justin and Megan launched a closet of supplies for foster, adoptive, kin, and reunified families in Centennial. Contact them at closetcooperative (at) if you need clothes, toys, or kid-gear. 

Facebook group: We talked about the Colorado State Foster Parent Association Facebook page. If you're currently certified, join this group