If you listened to last week's episode, you know that Joy is a foster mom in Colorado Springs, who teams up with her teen daughters to foster young siblings. 

This week, we continue our conversation, and I ask Joy what she thinks about the push to recruit foster parents of color.

Surprisingly, Joy doesn't know of even one fellow foster parent who is Black, Latino, or Native American.

Joy also shares a very personal reason for wanting to increase racial representation in foster care. 

I also love Joy's idea to offer the same support given to foster families to the parents and extended families of kids in need. Family Tree is one place in Colorado where this is already happening. Setting icebreaker meetings as a best practice is a way foster parents can build positive relationships with a child's original community.

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This podcast exists to introduce neighbors to neighbors, all over Colorado.

Joy and her three kids

Joy and her three kids

On average, a Coloradan needs to meet 1500 adults before meeting a foster parent. Most of us don't even have 500 Facebook friends, let alone 1500 people we actually know well enough to offer a hug or homemade meal. If only one in 1500 Coloradans is a foster parent, most of us will never meet in real life.

We'll never get to hear their side of the story. 

That changes now. 

The foster parents I know are willing to put time, emotions, and certainty on the line, and the experience and wisdom they gain is something I always want to soak up. It's a fascinating, grounding experience to break out of one's social circle and adjust to the needs of a child at home. Among hundreds, I haven't met any uncaring foster parents (but I've heard enough stories from teens in care to know they're out there). And I want to introduce Colorado to the people who make room in their lives for kids and families in foster care.

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