We believe.

That kids deserve a home and a family, not a system. Especially not a broken system.

We believe that foster care isn't for everyone, but it is for more people (thanks, Embrace Oregon, for this home-run phrase).

We believe that abused and neglected kids should be front and center in the focus of our state's activism. Currently, they are hidden from the general public conversation, and foster care seems untouchable.

We believe that "bad behavior" is the natural result of parental neglect and harm, and that kids can heal through trust-based relationships.

We believe that foster parents should take breaks, and "the system" should make it easy for them to do so.

We believe that children should not be "bounced" through foster homes, as this adds trauma to an already devastated childhood. We train families in best practices to ensure a good fit before the child enters the home.

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We believe that the broken system of child welfare is full of opportunities to creatively and efficiently solve problems to benefit the best cause . . . the life of another human being.

We believe that a child's self-image functions best when they can safely live with their original families.

We believe that family is not defined as parents and kids, but should embrace those who lack the loving relationships all humans need to thrive.

We believe in adoption when reunification is not in the best interest of the child, and when the adopting family is fully informed and willing to stick with that child, come what may.

We believe that foster parents are first responders to the emergencies of kids in danger, and should be trained, depended upon, and honored as such.

At the same time, we know that foster parents are not heroes, but normal people willing to put their lives into the messy world of helping others.

We believe that almost everyone can do something to help a child in foster care.

We believe that Colorado will step up to the needs of our kids if we clearly present the need and place solutions in reach of normal folks.

Add to our list. What are you convinced of? Click here to see manifestos from other foster parents.

Photo credit to Embrace Colorado friend and cheerleader, Rachel C.

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