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What if you could support children in foster care—without being a foster parent?

Homes for Hope—a new project in Adams County—is teaming up with Foster Together to find and train eight volunteers to bring monthly meals to foster families in the Northglenn/Thornton area, north of Denver, Colorado. (If you want to apply, click here!)

Not in Adams County? You can bring Foster Neighbors to your local foster families. Click here to get a custom proposal.

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In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How emergency foster homes (who keep space open for children immediately after they are removed from their parents) can help children find an appropriate longterm home.

  • The claim that an emergency home model will necessitate additional disruptions for children.

  • The importance of keeping brothers and sisters together (in the words of Katie, who is fostering, and likely adopting, four siblings)

  • Why and how these foster homes need support from Foster Neighbors.

Learn more about the program or how to become a Homes for Hope foster parent here or contact Nightlight at mnally@nightlight.orgor (518)369-2888.

From our special project page:

These homes provide intensive care as they organize family, medical, and therapeutic appointments, and comfort children through early days of fear and uncertainty. And YOU can support this crucial work, in under two hours a month.

Where foster families often feel isolated and overwhelmed, YOU can offer a little more mental space and household peace. YOU can be part of the community that says, “It’s worth all the effort to help kids feel safe & loved.”

Click here to volunteer.