Photo courtesy of the  Broomfield Enterprise

Photo courtesy of the Broomfield Enterprise

I met David and Lynn at a foster family matching party in Northern Colorado (to sponsor a match, click here). As we introduced ourselves, Lynn said, "I've been a foster mom for 15 years, but we don't have the numbers." Intrigued, I asked what she meant. She explained that some veteran foster parents fill their homes, accepting as many kids in need of love and shelter as legally allowed. But Lynn and David made a choice to only foster one child or one set of siblings at a time, as they realized their skills in helping families come back together. While some longtime foster families have fostered hundreds, David and Lynn have fostered 22. 

And there's a great reason why.

Today, I interview them about:

  • The family story that got them started as foster parents

  • The blending of personal responsibility and trauma-informed care

  • How they found their limits

  • How they found their "groove" as foster parents (along with other possible focus areas)

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This is part one. Listen to part two here.

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