I can't create a series about foster dads in Colorado without interviewing the foster dad I know best: my husband, Kyle Forti. 

Today, we had a chat about:

  • His "side of the story" from our first time as foster parents (my own reflections are here)
  • His desire to present a "put together" image and have control over a situation, and how that was challenged by fostering in an upper class Denver neighborhood
  • Three things he recommends to up your chances of successful foster parenting
  • What we needed in our marriage to be a great foster family
  • What Millennials can do if they're bored/annoyed/left empty by "Instagram life" (don't get too mad at us! ;)) + our favorite blow-it-outta-the-water account: @fostermoms
  • How to support/connect with foster parents
  • Sponsor a Foster Dad project at FosterTogether.co/dad

Listen in and let us know what you think! Our iTunes profile is right here, or you can just click play below.

 Kyle and our son exploring tidepools in California

Kyle and our son exploring tidepools in California

You can find his Denver public relations and political consulting firm at DCO. Someday, he'll start posting regularly on his public Instagram, @DadWithAMomBlog (I have to take credit for thinking up that handle), where he normalizes and amplifies the enthusiastic participation of dads in raising kids. 

And he hasn't written a book yet. 28 years old. WHAT is he doing with his life?